I am in Japan now
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Being in Yahata/Kitakyushu , not able to understand what is said around me, gaijin was the word I heard very often and I realized that I was generally identified with it in public.
Always hearing to be an alien led me to make a t-shirt questioning my alienation to my new surrounding.
Wearing this T-Shirt, I started to take photos ( see as examples [part 1] and [part 2] )with different groups of people I met in public spaces. Within these photos I tried to integrate myself into the group by imitating their pose. These group photos function as a personal collection negating the formal alienation.
The Japanese trend of storing friendships in photographs has made a very strong impression on me. It led to this form of presentation expressing my feelings of being in Japan.
The walldrawing in the style of a "purikula" functions as a blending of Japanese and Gaijin cultures.

This piece continues my research on different aspects of space.

Thanks for taking fotos to;
Anette, Steve, Yoshiyuki, Keitarou, Szolt and others.